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Join our Recycling Initiatives at Warrah

Jun 6, 2023 | News

At Warrah, we are proud to support World Environment Day 2023, and this year’s theme – #BeatPlasticPollution. Did you know that we run several initiatives to reduce plastic waste and protect our environment?

How serious is the plastic problem?

Plastics are the largest, most harmful, and persistent part of marine litter, accounting for at least 85% of total marine waste. Marine litter is found in increasing volumes along our coastlines and estuaries, in massive swirling mid-ocean currents, on remote islands, in sea ice, and even on the sea floor.

An escalating plastic crisis

It is estimated that the 11 million metric tonnes of plastic currently entering the ocean annually will triple in the next twenty years. This means that between 23 and 37 million metric tonnes of plastic will flow into the oceans every year by 2040. That is equivalent to 50 kilograms of plastics per metre of coastline worldwide or the weight of 178 cruise ships.

Warrah Farm’s sustainability practices

At Warrah Biodynamic Farm, sustainability is at the heart of our practices. We carefully manage our 1.5-acre farm using minimal-till methods, preserving the soil and surrounding environment. With organic certification, we avoid chemicals and synthetic products, prioritising eco-friendly alternatives. Our biodynamic approach further enhances soil health and quality produce, incorporating Rudolf Steiner’s holistic land management principles.

Minimal packaging and plastic in our Organic Farm Shop

Most of our fresh produce in our farm shop is completely free of packaging, so you can buy just the quantity you need without the plastic. We encourage you to bring your own bags or simply go without!

How you can help

Taking small steps towards a sustainable future can have a big impact. You can make a difference by joining one of our initiatives below. It’s as simple as being mindful of your actions before discarding a plastic item.

We have a dedicated collection point at our Farm Shop where you can drop off various plastic items for recycling. Together, we can work towards a greener and more environmentally conscious world.

Lids4Kidz: Empowering Participants to Make a Difference

One of our initiatives is the Lids4Kidz program, which sees our participants collecting and sorting plastic lids to be recycled. Lidz4Kidz NSW is a non-profit organisation that rescues plastic bottle lids from landfill and recycles them to protect our environment for future generations and wildlife. Our participants play a vital role in this process by collecting and sorting plastic lids that are then sent to Lidz4Kidz for recycling.

Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Warrah provides a collection point for plastic bread tags, which are then delivered to Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs, who arrange for them to be recycled locally, raising funds to buy wheelchairs. 250kg of plastic bread tags can fund one wheelchair! Drop off your plastic bread tags and help improve a life.

Blister Packs

Did you know that you can recycle medication blister packs? Simply remove any personal information, and deliver the empty blister packs to the drop off point. We will send them off to be recycled.

10c Refund Containers

Are you throwing 10c refundable bottles and containers in the recycle bin because you can’t be bothered with the refund? Please consider donating them to our participants and residents. All money raised is invested back into participant activities.

The Street Library: Promoting Sustainability and Community Involvement

While you are at Warrah Farm Shop, take a look at our Street Library. Another initiative that we run to promote sustainability and community involvement. Located conveniently next to the shop, this initiative provides an opportunity for members of the community to donate books and take home new ones. The program reduces paper waste and encourages the reuse of books, promoting sustainability and community involvement.

Help Us to Help the Planet

Our recycling drop-off location is at the Warrah Farm Shop during opening hours, and we encourage everyone in the community to get involved in our initiatives to help clean up, fix, and conserve our environment.

On World Environment Day 2023, let’s remember that small actions can make a big impact. Together, we can #beatplasticpollution and create a more sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.