Gift in Will

By providing a gift in your will for Warrah, you are making a significant and meaningful contribution to supporting individuals with disability to lead enriching lives.

Bequests are an important way in which you can leave a lasting tribute which will make a real difference in the lives of people who depend on our support. We understand and respect that this is an important decision and are incredibly grateful for your personal gift.


Suggested Wording to Leave a Gift

If you are creating a Will or updating an existing one, Warrah Society recommends that you seek the advice of a solicitor or legal professional to ensure your Will is valid and your wishes are expressed correctly.

There are a number of gift options you can leave in your Will:

Residual gift – the remainder of your Estate after specific gifts have been disbursed to loved ones and expenses have been settled

A percentage – a flexible way to provide a percentage of the residue or the entire estate

Fixed amount – a specific amount of funds

An asset – this can include shares, real estate, or other items of value.

We will always respect your privacy and understand that your will is personal to you.

For question or for further information please contact Cindy Cunningham, Community Development Manager, on 9651 2411 or ccunningham@warrah.org.au