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Warrah’s Micro-Enterprises is an innovative program aimed at unleashing the limitless potential within each of our participants. This initiative empowers individuals or groups to transform their passions into meaningful work, fostering personal growth and community vitality.

Micro-Enterprises is a distinctive program within Warrah that offers every participant the opportunity to engage in an existing small business or create one tailored to their interests. The income generated from these endeavours supports personalised spending goals, further boosting our participants’ self-determination.

We offer a diverse range of opportunities at Micro-Enterprises, ensuring inclusivity for individuals of all abilities. The growing variety of enterprises currently includes, but is not limited to,

  • Farm Shop Produce Box Packing: precision and attention to detail [link to farm shop website]
  • Farm Work: connect with nature on our biodynamic and organic farm while gaining valuable skills
  • Deliveries: enhance communication and organisational abilities
  • Lawn Care: develop outdoor maintenance skills
  • Pool Cleaning: learn maintenance and customer service
  • Leatherworking: craftsmanship and creativity
  • Candle Making: artistic expression through essential oil-scented candles
  • Commercial Artisan Bakery: experience a real working bakery
  • Diffuser Making: blend fragrances for a soothing atmosphere
  • Administrative Tasks: support our office and school operations
  • Animal Care: feeding and looking after farm animals

Micro-Enterprises exemplifies our commitment to nurturing abilities and dreams, emphasising our belief in the boundless potential of every individual. By providing diverse, purpose-driven opportunities, we empower participants to cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, enhance their skill sets, and embark on a journey toward realising their aspirations. In doing so, we contribute to a more vibrant and inclusive community where everyone can shine.

If you would like further information on Micro-Enterprises or the services and supports Warrah provides please contact us