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Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving enables you to make regular donations to Warrah directly from your gross salary, instantly reducing your taxable income without the hassle of keeping receipts. It’s easy to set up, and you can modify or cancel your donation at any time. This convenient and impactful form of giving is the most effective way to support our mission, helping us provide lifelong care and support for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Your contributions will make a significant difference.

How to Give to Warrah Through Your Workplace

Existing Workplace Giving Programs:

If your organisation already has a workplace giving program, ask your payroll department to deduct your chosen amount from your pre-tax salary and request that it go to Warrah Society. If Warrah is not currently a nominated charity at your workplace, you can request it be added. Some workplaces also use third-party platforms like Benevity and Good2Give, which help businesses establish workplace giving programs and make it easy for employees to donate to their preferred charities.

Starting a Workplace Giving Program:

If your workplace doesn’t currently have a workplace giving program, contact your Human Resources or Payroll department to start one and nominate Warrah Society as a charity partner. Organisations like Benevity and Good2Give, are available to support the establishment of workplace giving programs.

For further information on Workplace Giving, please call us on 02 9651 2411 or email us at warrah@warrah.org.au.

More information about workplace giving can be found on the Australian Tax Office website