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Our Ethos

Warrah fosters a vibrant community life for people with disability through respect, caring and personal growth. We cater to whole of life, meeting the individual informed by the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner, thus ensuring a life with meaning, purpose and dignity for all who participate and serve our school, disability programs and independent living homes.

The work of Rudolf Steiner, known universally as Anthroposophy, includes Education, Agriculture, Social therapies (for those with disabilities), Medicine, the Arts, Architecture and the Social Sciences. Fundamental to Steiner’s philosophy is the view of the Human Being as having one’s own destiny experienced through body, soul and spirit.

Our work is imbued with deep respect for each person and seeks to provide opportunity to fulfil that destiny so meaning, a sense of belonging and acknowledgement and dignity are experienced in a living way.

Warrah staff translate our ethos into living practice through building strong connections, positive relationships and purpose in daily living and work. This is made all the more possible through our rich cultural life and beautiful natural environment.