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Warrah School’s Outdoor Curriculum

May 8, 2022 | News

Warrah Specialist School’s outdoor curriculum continues to develop strongly in 2023, providing many opportunities to engage our students in a range of practical tasks in the world outside: tasks such as spinning and weaving, woodwork, farming, swimming and cooking. Our students learn key academic skills through practical, meaningful activities.

Warrah Specialist School is thriving and growing as the program speaks to students in a way that engages their interest, fosters team work and socialisation and provides abundant opportunities for initiative, self direction and perseverance to be established.

We continue to work with educator and master craftsman John Lawry to develop our outdoor classroom curriculum through which our students gain a valuable understanding and appreciation of their natural surroundings. Students develop their sense of place within the Warrah landscape and community. This year we continue to place a deep focus on activities such as weaving, nature craft, bushwalking, gardening and farming, which we consider necessary companions to literacy and numeracy. We believe that it is not just WHAT is taught that is important, but HOW and WHERE children learn. We embrace all weather on our daily bushwalks, as our students learn about the rhythms of the seasons, and nature in all its forms.

We regularly receive delightful feedback from families who report that this nature immersion positively contributes to their child’s temperament at home as well.

We are all looking forward to a rich and lively year ahead.

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