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Unleashing Potential through Micro-Enterprises

Jan 22, 2024 | News

Warrah has proudly introduced Micro-Enterprises, an innovative program aimed at unleashing the limitless potential within each of our participants. This initiative empowers individuals or groups to transform their passions into meaningful work, fostering personal growth and community vitality.

Micro-Enterprises is a distinctive venture within Warrah that offers every participant the opportunity to engage in an existing small business or create one tailored to their interests. The income generated from these endeavours supports personalised spending goals, further boosting our participants’ self-determination.

We offer a diverse range of opportunities at Micro-Enterprises, ensuring inclusivity for individuals of all abilities. The growing variety of enterprises includes precision box packing, hands-on work on our biodynamic and organic farm, honing communication and organisational skills through deliveries, mastering outdoor maintenance with lawn care, excelling in maintenance and customer service through pool cleaning, crafting with creativity in leatherworking, expressing artistry through essential oil-scented candle making, gaining insight into the workings of a real bakery at our commercial artisan bakery, creating soothing atmospheres with diffuser making, and providing invaluable support for office and school operations through administrative tasks.

Micro-Enterprises exemplifies our commitment to nurturing abilities and dreams, emphasising our belief in the boundless potential of every individual. By providing diverse, purpose-driven opportunities, we empower participants to cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, enhance their skill sets, and embark on a journey toward realising their aspirations. In doing so, we contribute to a more vibrant and inclusive community where everyone can shine.

Meet Rohan
Rohan is a warm and welcoming 62-year-old man. He thrives on meeting new people and enthusiastically greets old friends and new acquaintances. He has been a respected member of the Warrah community for over two decades, where he calls Waratah, one of Warrah’s Supported Independent Living houses his home.

For the past 20 years, Rohan has been an active participant in Warrah’s Social and Community Programs. Four days a week you can find him engaged in a diverse array of activities, including various art programs, literacy sessions at the library, swimming in the Warrah pool, workouts using the local outdoor gym equipment, and regular hydrotherapy sessions.

Earlier this year, Rohan embarked on a new adventure by joining the Dural Men’s Shed, where he crafts items like wooden tables and book stands. He relishes the hands-on work. After a productive afternoon at the shed, Rohan heads to the café with his fellow Men’s Shed friends. A cup of tea, his favourite, is always on the menu. Independently making this purchase each week is one of Rohan’s spending goals through Warrah’s Micro-Enterprise program where he participates in a share economy as one of the Artisan crew.

The Micro-Enterprise program aims to create work opportunities and foster independence among participants. This is achieved by providing graded assistance and encouraging participants to make as many choices as possible. Rohan actively participates in every aspect of his venture, from selecting scents and label designs to handcrafting candles, including the pouring and placement of wicks, and crafting bath salts. He handles orders, packaging, and deliveries, and together with his support worker even helps to manage the financial side of the candle-making business.

Rohan’s sister, Louise, is a great source of pride and inspiration for Rohan. When deciding on products, Rohan will often consider if it is something his sister would like. If the answer is yes, then he feels confident he has a great product. Rohan loves his sister, and they talk regularly on the phone. Rohan’s accomplishments fill us with great pride, and we are honoured to have him as part of our Warrah community.