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Transforming our Packing Space with a Generous Grant

Aug 2, 2023 | News, Uncategorized

For years, our dedicated Warrah participants and school students have taken immense pride in preparing and delivering fresh seasonal produce boxes to collection points across Sydney’s Lower & Upper North Shore. Thanks to a generous $20,000 grant from the NSW Government Community Building Partnership, this work has now become even more enjoyable and efficient!

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: A Fully Revamped Distribution Centre

The substantial financial contribution allowed us to revamp our once ordinary shed space into a vibrant and functional packing and distribution centre. Now, fully insulated, climate-controlled, and brightly lit, the transformed space offers an optimal environment for our dozens of Warrah Society participants and Specialist School students. They actively contribute to feeding our broader community each week.

Empowering Community Participation and Inclusion

The Community Building Partnership, an initiative by the state government, supports projects that foster positive social, environmental, and recreational outcomes. With our new space, we are fulfilling these objectives and more. Warrah participants and students are now engaged in various activities, from bagging salad mix to weighing fruits and vegetables, packing produce boxes, and loading the delivery van. The space is also used on a weekly basis to pack boxes of quality fresh organic produce for residents of our supported independent living houses.

Our revamped distribution centre truly epitomises community participation, inclusion, and cohesion. It not only empowers our participants and students, but also nurtures a sense of purpose and unity as we work together to serve our community with the freshest and finest produce.

We extend our sincere thanks to the NSW Government Community Building Partnership for making this possible.