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Support Our Tax Appeal: Fuel Dreams and Help us to Reach New Destinations

Jun 13, 2023 | News, Uncategorized

Join us in making a difference by contributing to our tax appeal. Your support will empower us to provide enriching experiences, community engagement, and endless possibilities for our students, residents and day program participants.

Your tax-deductible gift will help provide much-needed transport so more people participating in our programs can get out and about, doing all the things they love in the broader community.

Opening Doors to New Experiences and Community Engagement

Our 12-hectare campus in Dural is teeming with activities, but we also recognise the importance of engaging with the community to expand horizons and enable individuals to further pursue their dreams.

Active engagement with the broader community is vital for personal growth. Your generous donation will help us to transport more individuals, allowing them to participate in community activities and gain valuable life experiences.

Please support our tax appeal before 30 June. Your tax-deductible gift will ensure that everyone at Warrah can enjoy the activities that matter to them, fostering positive community participation.

Your Generosity Matters: Donate Today to Enrich Lives

Earlier this year, Tania, who attends our day services, showcased her remarkable talent by winning the top prize for her homemade scones in the 2023 Hawkesbury Show. Joining her in this remarkable achievement, Jacqueline and Donna were also highly commended for their outstanding contributions.

Tania’s, Jacqueline’s and Donna’s experiences serve as an inspiring example of what can be achieved, and it is our heartfelt desire to see every member of our community reach their full potential.

Help Us Reach Our Fundraising Goal for New Vehicles

By making a gift today, you contribute to our fundraising goal of $70,000, which will be dedicated to purchasing new vehicles. This significant investment will empower our staff to assist in fulfilling the specific wishes and needs of individuals in our community, allowing them to engage in the activities they love.

We wholeheartedly thank you for your support. Donate today