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Saturday Connect Fostering Social Bonds for School Leavers and Young Adults

Jan 10, 2024 | News

Saturday Connect is a dynamic social program crafted specifically for school leavers and young adults seeking engaging experiences that nurture meaningful social connections. In the wake of the pandemic, we’ve witnessed a remarkable surge in program participation, and we anticipate a steady, purposeful expansion in the coming years to ensure more young adults can embark on rewarding journeys of self-discovery.

Over the past year, our participants have embarked on many uplifting and enriching adventures. They’ve ventured to local hotspots, explored new horizons through the transport network, and revelled in the enriching tapestry of on-campus activities – all within the tranquil embrace of our sprawling 12-hectare bushland campus. From invigorating bush walks that awaken the senses to the boundless creativity of arts and crafts, from spirited games that ignite laughter to harmonious music sessions that soothe the soul, our program is a dynamic mosaic of opportunities designed to foster social interaction and personal growth.

Meet Hayden
Hayden, a cheerful and playful 17-year-old, has a love for the outdoors and a fondness for indulging in French fries during rides in his big brother’s car. He loves engaging in water play, playing ball games, swinging to his heart’s content, and lounging on the trampoline.

As Hayden is nearing the end of his school years, his mother, Sarah, embarked on a quest to find a place that could seamlessly accommodate his spirited, nature loving personality throughout his adulthood. A swift Google search led her to the Saturday Connect program at Warrah, where they eagerly enrolled.

Typically, Hayden isn’t one for surprises. Careful planning and consideration for his comfort have been key in fostering his ability to socialise and participate in activities. To ensure his smooth transition into the Saturday Connect program, some of his most cherished items awaited him on his very first day – his favourite music (Mumford & Sons and One Direction), balls, pillows, and sensory items. Hayden’s immediate affection for his new Saturday program warmed the hearts of his parents, who deeply appreciated the attention to detail and thoughtful preparation. To them, Warrah has proven to be everything they had ever envisioned, and more.

The sight of Hayden’s contentment from day one, his smile, and his eager anticipation of Saturdays at Warrah provided great relief to his family. Sarah shared her thoughts, stating, “Many places claim to offer a person-centred approach, but Warrah truly embodies it 100%. Hayden’s parents have always valued him as a person with unique interests and preferences, and they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure his success”.

Sarah has thoughtfully created a visual weekly schedule for Hayden, prominently displayed in their family room. When Hayden points to the Warrah segment with a big smile, Sarah gently reminds him “Not today. It will be Saturday soon”.

We are so pleased to welcome Hayden into our Saturday Connect program and we will ensure that it will continue to be a place of fun experiences, joy, and comfort.

For more information on the Saturday Connect program or to register your interest please visit https://warrah.org.au/saturday-connect-program/ or contact us.