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Friendships Flourish at Warrah’s Short Stay Program

Nov 7, 2023 | News

At Warrah, we offer NDIS-funded Short-Term Accommodation or what we refer to as Short Stay. Short Stay provides a rejuvenating break, fosters independence, and assists in building social connections. Nestled within our picturesque 12-hectare bushland campus, our ‘home away from home’ accommodation is fully equipped, with round-the-clock staff support. Guests can immerse themselves in a plethora of activities, from bush walks to arts and crafts, enjoying both our vibrant community and serene surroundings. Our flexible approach caters to regular and one-time visitors alike, ensuring a diverse range of experiences for all.

Ben and Jim are two of the guests who regularly participate in the short-stay program. They share a unique and heart-warming friendship. These spirited sports enthusiasts, known for their humour and sociability, first crossed paths at a Special Olympics tennis program 17 years ago. Since they met, they have formed and continued an unbreakable bond both on and off the tennis court.

Their friendship extends beyond the bounds of sport, with occasional visits to each other’s homes and weekly tennis matches. Now, they have added a Thursday night ritual to their repertoire, courtesy of Warrah’s  Short Stay program. It’s a weekly highlight where they engage in lively dance classes, sports, cook delicious butter chicken, and share countless laughs.

Meet Ben
Ben’s passion for sports has been with him from a young age. He’s a dedicated tennis, basketball, and dancing participant, earning recognition as a celebrated athlete in the Special Olympics alongside his dear friend Jim. Ben lives with his mother, who set a goal to foster his independence early on. This objective serves as the foundation for Ben’s activities at Warrah.

Ben spends four days a week at Warrah, actively participating in the Young Adults Program at Discovery, Micro-Enterprise, and Short Stay programs. On Mondays and Tuesdays, he is supported by Warrah’s Micro-Enterprise team to operate a small-scale lawn-mowing service, which includes mowing the lawns at some of Warrah’s Supported Independent Living houses. Dressed in his lawn mowing uniform, Ben, and his support worker, have established a solid routine and recently, he expanded his services to include taking care of the lawns at Warrah Specialist School.

Ben takes immense pride in keeping some of Warrah’s vehicles spotlessly clean when he’s not tending to lawns and on Thursdays, he is dedicated to assisting with the delivery of organic produce to various locations, including Billabong Retreat. Ben receives an honorarium payment towards his spending goal for his contribution to the Micro-Enterprises.

Fridays are devoted to travel training, as Ben endeavours to enhance his independence further. Armed with his Opal card, he and his support worker confidently navigate Sydney’s extensive bus and train network.
Yet, amidst his busy schedule, Thursday nights are the undisputed highlight of Ben’s week. It’s the night he gets to spend with his closest friend, Jim.

Meet Jim
Jim embodies an easy-going and cheerful disposition, coupled with a strong sociable streak. From a young age, his mother was resolute in nurturing his independence. To this end, she initiated a fruit packing and delivery service, where both Ben and Jim were employed. Although Ben has since moved on to other ventures, including Warrah’s Micro-Enterprises, Jim continues to deliver fresh produce throughout Sydney.

Four days a week, Jim travels independently by bus and train to his job at a disability employment service, where he works with friends he’s known since their school days. On weekends, you might find Jim hitting the waves with his trusty boogie board, guided by his supportive uncle.

Ben and Jim’s friendship is a genuine connection, akin to that of brothers. Their families have played a pivotal role in nurturing this extraordinary bond over many years, creating an unbreakable connection. At Warrah’s Short Stay program, their unique friendship continues to flourish. Even from their adjacent rooms at night, their spirited conversations carry on through the walls, demonstration of the enduring strength of their bond.

For further information on Warrah’s Short Stay program or for further information on the services and supports Warrah provides please contact us.