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Fostering Sustainability

Nov 14, 2023 | News

Warrah’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is a cornerstone of our mission. We believe in empowering our participants to play an active role in creating a positive impact on our planet. Through a variety of recycling initiatives, we’ve not only reduced waste but also nurtured a sense of community engagement and responsibility.

Plastic Lids: One of our notable initiatives involves collecting, cleaning, and sorting plastic lids, which are then sent to Lidz4Kidz for recycling. Our participants take pride in contributing to this effort, knowing that they are diverting plastic waste from landfills.

Bread Tags: Warrah serves as a collection point for plastic bread tags, diligently sorted by our participants into colours. These tags are sent to Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs, where they are recycled to fund the purchase of wheelchairs, demonstrating how recycling can have a direct, positive impact on people’s lives.

Blister Packs: Medication blister packs are collected for recycling, reducing waste, and encouraging responsible disposal practices. This initiative underscores our commitment to not only ecological but also societal well-being.

10c Refund Containers: We actively participate in bottle and can collection for recycling, with all proceeds reinvested in participant activities, reinforcing recycling practices within our community.

Shoe Boxes and Christmas Wrap: Our participants take part in wrapping shoe boxes for The Philippines Project, spreading joy and reducing paper waste simultaneously.

The Street Library: Our community is encouraged to donate books to our Street Library, which our participants diligently maintain. This initiative not only reduces paper waste but also fosters a culture of book sharing and community involvement.

Beyond these recycling initiatives, we’ve actively engaged in broader community activities, including Clean Up Australia Day, World Environment Day, National Tree Day, and National Recycling Week. These events not only bolster our commitment to sustainability, but also provide opportunities for our participants to connect with the larger community and advocate for environmental responsibility.

At Warrah, we firmly believe that small actions lead to big changes. We invite the broader community to join us in making a difference. Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable future for ourselves and the generations to come. Our dedication to recycling and community engagement is just one step towards achieving that vision.