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Discover the Hidden Treasure of Sydney’s Hills District: Warrah’s Organic Farm Shop

Aug 29, 2023 | News

Nestled in the leafy heart of Dural lies a hidden treasure waiting to be explored – Warrah’s Organic Farm Shop. A unique shopping experience that combines the finest organic produce with a commitment to sustainability and supporting individuals with disabilities.

A Biodynamic Haven

Warrah’s Organic Farm Shop proudly stands alongside Sydney’s sole biodynamic farm, setting the standard for organic excellence in the Hills District. Embracing biodynamic principles to cultivate food that is not only delicious but also nurtures the land it comes from.

Seasonal produce

Purchasing produce in season ensures maximum freshness, flavour, and nutritional value. Our winter season offerings include vibrant grapefruit and citrus, nutrient-rich leafy greens, hearty cabbage, earthy beetroot, and aromatic coriander.

Empowering Lives

Step beyond the usual shopping routine and become a part of something meaningful. Our farm shop serves as a platform for participants and students from Warrah Society, offering them valuable work experience and a chance to engage in a vibrant community. Activities include bagging salad mix and dry goods, weighing fruit and vegetables, packing produce boxes, loading the delivery van and assisting with deliveries. Your visit directly contributes to the growth and development of student/participant, making every purchase a step towards a brighter future.

Delicious Produce Boxes

In addition to in-store shopping, we supply our fresh produce to customers through deliveries to collection points and to local restaurants committed to organics. Warrah Society Supported Independent Living homes also receive boxes of quality fresh organic produce on a weekly basis.

A Tranquil Oasis

Set against the backdrop of a serene landscape, our farm shop invites you to breathe in the fresh air, soak in the beauty of nature, and enjoy a shopping experience like no other.

A Bounty of Goodness

Expect nothing less than excellence when you visit Warrah’s Organic Farm Shop. Our shelves are brimming with a diverse array of certified organic and biodynamic fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and groceries. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, follow a gluten-free or Paleo diet, or prefer low FODMAP options, we have something for everyone.

Exceptional Quality

At Warrah, we guarantee the highest quality and freshness. Our commitment to offering the widest variety of seasonal Australian fruits and vegetables sets us apart.

Community at the Heart

Warrah’s Farm Shop operates as a social enterprise, seamlessly incorporating programs that support adults and children with disabilities. Your support directly contributes to a more inclusive and cohesive community, fostering an environment of empowerment and growth.

Visit Warrah’s Organic Farm Shop, 20 Harris Road Dural, where every purchase not only fills your basket with goodness but also enriches lives.