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Community Participation

Nov 20, 2023 | News

Stephanie is a vibrant and friendly young lady who has been a cherished member of the Warrah Social and Community Program for two decades. Daughter to Ping and Darby, Stephanie also has a sister named Jessica, who works as a primary school teacher. Since graduating high school, while living with her family in Cherrybrook, Stephanie travelled each weekday to participate in Warrah’s Day Program. She also enjoyed the occasional weekend sleepover at Warrah’s Short Stay Accommodation.

With a curiosity that extends to people and her surroundings, Stephanie is a very friendly, talkative, and bubbly person. Crowded spaces can be challenging, however, that doesn’t diminish her enthusiasm for community outings. With attentive support from her carers, Stephanie actively participates in the things she loves – like dances, library visits, walks, and supermarket trips. Stephanie’s zest for life is evident in her love for ten-pin bowling, Zumba workouts on YouTube, dancing, and seeking out new experiences.

Writing, tracing words, colouring, and painting are some of her passions. She has an extraordinary memory – recalling names and faces, even weeks after an introduction. Her love for 500-piece jigsaw puzzles is another remarkable aspect. She can effortlessly complete and re-complete puzzles with speed. These activities provide her with a sense of calm and engagement. Stephanie embraces daily opportunities to make her own choices and voice her preferences.

In June 2023, Stephanie achieved a remarkable milestone by transitioning to live full-time at Emily Cottage, one of Warrah’s Supported Independent Living homes, a move she embraced seamlessly. Her connections with future housemates formed during many years of shared transport journeys and Social and Community Program activities, fostering a sense of belonging that eased her transition. It’s lovely to witness Stephanie’s happiness in her new environment, as she adjusts to living with four housemates, including an old school friend called Nicki.

It brings us great joy to provide a safe and harmonious home for Stephanie and continue to accommodate facilitating her involvement in her passions, allowing her vibrant spirit to radiate. We are very lucky to have Stephanie as part of our Warrah community.