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A year of Growth and Enrichment

Jan 11, 2024 | News

Warrah’s unique employee value proposition sets us apart from other disability services providers. Our natural bushland campus serves as the heart of our vibrant community, with every day buzzing with activity, from the lively school playground to our farm, farm shop, bakery, and various enterprises within our day programs. Our dedicated staff often remark, it’s not just work it’s a way of life.

It’s this distinctive value proposition that has allowed us to thrive, expanding our staff from 230 to 264 in 2023, even in a challenging and highly competitive employment market. This 14.8% growth has bolstered our ability to provide personalised 1:1 support, offer enhanced roster flexibility, and better manage staff absences and leave.

Over the course of the past year, we welcomed 90 new staff members across the various services offered by Warrah. Among these additions were two Executive appointments, a new Chief Executive Officer, Delia Gray, and an Executive Manager for Disability Services, Kathryn Bannister. Notably, we reintroduced our face-to-face induction program in our post-COVID-19 landscape offering new staff members a structured introduction to Warrah. These induction sessions were thoughtfully designed to acquaint them with our community, foster meaningful connections, and ensure comprehensive training was completed before they commenced their roles.

The positive feedback received from our new staff members underscores the value of this program and motivates us to further refine and expand it in the future. Looking ahead, we are already in the planning stages to transform this induction program into a full-day orientation experience next year, solidifying our commitment to an engaging and enriching onboarding process.

Our People

264 passionate and engaged staff
129 volunteers donated 5,198 hours of time
2,368 training courses completed
35% of our staff have proudly worked at Warrah for over 5 years
10 TAFE Disability Support Worker student placements at Warrah
More than 24 different languages spoken
36%  male and 64% female staff